Powered Rope Access


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P+P/HARKEN PowerSeat #90573

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DescriptionMan Riding seat for rope access operators. Powered by an efficient petrol engine the seat ascends under power and decends using a manual friction brake. The unit can be configued Learn More
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P+P 'Tuff Built PRO Series' Products

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Special Price £2,200.00

DescriptionA range of lightweight portable Davit and Hoist systems, allowing the user to provide temporary and/or fixed access.This is a tough, versatile system for demanding Learn More
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P+P R-ALF Rescue Pulley System 5:1 10m #90603/10M/SP

DescriptionThe R-ALF Pulley is the latest innovation in Rescue, Confined Space Working and Work Suspension Systems.The R-ALF Pulley has an over-speed brake built in so that the pulley will lock on Learn More
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P+P RIGGA Pulley Hoist Utility System 15m #90407MK2

DescriptionUtility system for work positioning or rescue capable of raising or lowering vertically either under the control of the user or a second person. System uses one way blocks to reduce Learn More


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